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Product Development

Today with increased diversity of mobile devices and platforms with different form factors launching mobile applications has become quite challenging. Also added with that the vast number of players itching to grab a piece in the market , it is important not only develop the right product but also be able to price it right and manage releases for different platforms.

AppsDNA team helps you to identify and guide you through many factors affecting product development companies including

  • Cost Pressures
  • Time to Market
  • Pricing
  • Customer Demand
  • Continous Upgrades
  • Regional Regulations

Our Mobile Product focused consultants can help companies address all of these. Our consultants conduct the following activities to help our customers in defining and articulating the market requirements for their product:

  • Customer and Market Requirements Gathering
  • Competitor Research and Tracking
  • Prototype/Wireframes Creation
  • Use Cases and Specifications
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Product Planning and Release Management

Mobility is growing exponentially, forcing organizations to re-evaluate, re-create, re-visit and re-position their product roadmap strategy. Our consultants can help provide the solutions, methodologies and expertise needed to ensure that you remain ahead of your competition and are successful during these transitions.