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Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Enterprise Mobility Strategies aimed at finding new ways to enhance customer and workforce reach and bringing new ways to inefficiencies with connected processes and increased customer engagement.

Our specialized consulting process - Mobility Assessment & Roadmap (MAR) is tailored to create a unique value proposition that will help you remain competitive and efficient. The AppsDNA MAR has evolved and refined with our aggregated experience for you to get it right the first time.

MAR covers relevant aspects of your business in regard to Mobility, focused on :

  • The business and technology landscape
  • The overall mobility vision and strategic direction and needs
  • The organization's mobile applications needs and direction
  • The rapidly expanding landscape of mobile technology along with accelerated business
  • People, Process, Technology and Infrastructure to deliver safe, secure and convenient mobile solutions
  • Complex Integration needs to address cross platform development
  • Extending policies and standards to mobile application development
  • Strategy and roadmap for developing capability and infrastructure to deliver mobile applications for employees, customer and consumers
  • Mobile application development (in-house/outsourced), distribution and support processes
  • Middleware and integration architecture
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Content Management and Workflow
  • Overall Integration Scenario